#008 – Getting a Cat

This week, we discuss our weight loss, and also discuss a little bit about what we did for ourselves emotionally for the week. We also answer a question about getting in fights in our younger years. Enjoy!
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#007 – Thrash Metal

This week, we discuss our miniscule weight loss and our eating habits throughout the week. Then we shift gears completely and begin an in depth discussion on popular bands in the thrash metal genre. Enjoy!
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#005 – The Best Trilogy

This week, we discuss our weight gains, as well as add a new element to the monetary value of losing weight. We also go off on a tangent and discuss the best trilogies in film. Enjoy!
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#003 – Words of Wisdom

This week, we talk about how we completely failed to live up to our diet expectations, and will attempt another restart. We discuss a tracking/betting method to keep ourselves in check. We also discuss what’s happening in our lives, and go off topic for a long time about...
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#002 – Advantage Management

This week, we discuss the ups and downs of our PHAT status. We also discuss the future for Joe’s living arrangement as well as Disney’s on and off times in regards to film and animation quality. Enjoy!
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#000 – Pilot

Granted, this episode is a bit late in being published… But now here it is! From the creators of Ultima Final Fantasy comes this super duper awesome new weight loss podcast! Cry with us as we tell our sob stories. How did we get fat, you ask? Oh,...
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