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#017 – Change is Coming

This week, we discuss our current weight loss. We discuss Kaleb moving out of Kalebs house. We then discuss what we’ve done for the week in regards to fitness, and talk about our grievances. Enjoy the episode!
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#016 – Zions National Park

This week, we discuss our awesome trip down south to Zions National Park. We discuss the hiking involved, and also touch on the sights. We also talk about what we did to lose a couple pounds. Enjoy the episode!
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#015 – Misheard Lyrics

This week, Joe and Kaleb discuss misheard lyrics in popular songs. The discussion ranges from Band on the Run, to Bounce by System of a Down. We also discuss Kaleb Craig’s nearly unbelievable listening error when it comes to Eric Clapton’s I shot the Sherrif. Enjoy!
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#014 – The Diet, and Joe’s Trip

This week, we get back to our roots! We discuss our weight loss, in combination with Joes trip to Yellowstone. We talk about Kaleb’s plans to restart Insanity, and Joe’s 5×5 program. We go into detail on how Joes trip went, ranging from Old Faithful, to wolves. Enjoy...
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#013 – Gaming for a Living

This week, we discuss kids who want to game for a living. We discuss the importance of having a fan base before throwing everything away. We also discuss the Twitch mentality, and try to figure out why it’s so popular, and how people make it doing Video Game...
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#011 – Favorite Foods

This episode of Getting Phat, we discuss our favorite foods! Ranging from snacks, to full meals, we delve into what makes us fat! We then get completely off topic and begin discussing various fantasy stories, from Game of Thrones to The Wheel of Time. Enjoy!
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#010 – Even Fatter

This week, we discuss our gains! We also create a plan to begin the popular workout plan of Insanity. Sean T will get us to our desired stage of phatness. We also spend the last portion talking politics and conspiracy theories… Enjoy!
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#009 – Messy Places

This week, we read a question on the forums regarding hair in the drain, and the such. We also discuss a litte more with the Sarah and Cody chronicles. Enjoy!!!
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