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#028 – The Aspartame Trail

This week, we go all over the place. We talk about our successes, and failures for our diet this week, and then go into Joe’s aforementioned bet with a co worker over aspartame. We then move into discussing severing ties with friends, and personality differences. We end the...
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#026 – Kings Peak

This week, we talk about our epic 36 mile hike to Kings Peak, the highest point in Utah. We bag on one of our comrades, and discuss our trip day by day. Enjoy!
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#025- The Great Divide

This week, we go into the decision making process behind Joe and Cameron’s decision to sever ties with Cody, and we delve into the splitting of the two Kaleb’s further. Enjoy our lives in a nutshell!
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#024 – Digitalization

This week, Kaleb and Joe discuss the digital age. They talk about how different people are when it comes to entertainment. Joe and Kaleb are both stuck in the olden days of physical copies of everything. This includes books, movies, cd’s, and video games. Enjoy the discussion!
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#023 – Mortgage Pay Off

This week, we discuss paying extra on mortages. We also discuss our weight loss slip up, and talk about our plans moving forward. We also talk about our process for losing weight up to this point. Enjoy!
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#022 – The Five Four Club

This week, we talk about Joe’s experience with the Five Four Club. We also discuss our weight loss, and what Kaleb did differently to lose a few more pounds this week. We also discuss the wonders of extra payments on a mortgage. Enjoy the episode!
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#021 – Studio Ghibli

This week, we discuss our weight loss. We then go off topic about various Studio Ghibli films, including Joe’s recent experience with a small, art theater in Ogden. Joe discusses his favorite, and least favorite Ghibli films, and discusses the studio’s recent financial hardships. Enjoy the episode!
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#019 – Beto’s and Adderall

This week, we discuss our weight loss. We touch on a ten dollar bet between Kaleb and a mutual friend Cameron. Joe goes on to discuss his science project; The great Beto’s Breakfast Burrito. We find that it has way more calories than the My Fitness Pal app...
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