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#040 – Joe’s Movie Idea

This week, Joe and Kaleb discuss the detrimental holiday weight gain. They then move on to discuss Jurassic World, which Kaleb saw this week. They then move on to discuss Joe’s Epic of Gilgamesh movie idea. Enjoy!
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#039 – Star Wars

This week, Kaleb and Joe talk about their weekly weight loss. They also discuss what their weeks looked like. Then begins the Star Wars discussion. We give a general discussion of the series thus far, and discuss the upcoming film. We also break into talking about other film...
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#038 – The Network

This week, we discuss the podcast empire we plan to build. We discuss show ideas, and give a vague introduction to our overall plan. We also discuss the future of this show. We failed at weight loss, and made new PHAT goals for the week. Enjoy!
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#037 – Godsmack Live!

This week, we discussed the Godsmack concert we attended in Reno Nevada. We discuss the bands performance, and the surprisingly awesome performance of Red Sun Rising. We also talked about Kaleb’s speeding ticket…. Enjoy!
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