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#030 – Social Eating

This week, we discuss our weigh ins. We also hit up a question from the forums, where we talk about social eating, and our habits therein. We then derail and discuss films, acting, and directors.
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#029 – Personality Tests

This week, Kaleb and Joe bring on Cameron to take personality tests. We do this via 14personalities.com. Kaleb ends up getting INTJ, Joe is a ENTJ, and Cameron was the ENFJ. We also discuss our weight failures, and our weeks. Enjoy! ]]>
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#028 – The Aspartame Trail

This week, we go all over the place. We talk about our successes, and failures for our diet this week, and then go into Joe’s aforementioned bet with a co worker over aspartame. We then move into discussing severing ties with friends, and personality differences. We end the...
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